Repairing a Drill Hold in My Stratocaster

My “new” 2001 MIM Strat came to me with a 1/8th inch drill hole in the front (it was drilled by the previous owner for a midi pickup). I wanted to fix it without a ton of effort, spending a bunch of money or making it worse. I posted over on Strat Talk and got some good advice. Then I got some wood glue, a toothpick and some nail polish and had at it. Came out pretty good for $2. More pics after the jump!

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How To Solder Your Guitar

Ok, so now that I have two Fenders and one cheap Chinese Tele, I think it’s time to take the Chinese Tele apart and put it back together. And maybe even try some soldering, too. What do you think? This video makes it look fairly straightforward.