The Guitar Idiot Guide to Buying Your First Guitar and Amp

1. Don’t be intimidated. It doesn’t matter that you can’t play. No one cares that you can’t play. Everyone was beginner at some point. So don’t worry.

2. Don’t buy a new cheap junk guitar. Just don’t. If you stay with guitar for more than three months you will outgrow it and it will literally be worthless. Ok, not worthless. Someone might give you $20 for it.

3. If you do buy a new cheap junk guitar, don’t go any lower than Squire. And don’t buy the very cheapest Squire, either. Definitely don’t buy a random no name junk guitar. And don’t buy one of those stupid combo kits, either.

4. The best thing to buy is used Made in Mexico Fender Stratocaster or Telecaster off Craigslist. You can buy them all day long for $300 or less, and if you end up not playing it you can turn around and sell it for $300. If you do end up playing, you’ll probably keep it as a backup or mod it til you like it better or you might just keep playing it as is forever, cause they are darn nice guitars. They are also bombproof.

5. You can buy a used amp if you want for cheap but I don’t know how you can beat a new Fender Mustang 1 amp for $100. They rock. If you end up not playing you can sell it for $50 or give it to the kid down the street and make his day.

The pic below is my used MIM Strat which I got for $200 off Craigslist and my Fender Mustang 1 Amp which I bought new at American Music for $100.

That’s it. That’s my guide. Any questions? Oh, and get lessons. Well worth it.


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