Boss RC-3 Loop Station Review

I woke up last Saturday wanting a looping pedal. Probably had something to do with the Bill Frisell video and the El Ten Eleven video. As it turned out, I had to give my girlfriend a ride downtown, so I stopped by Guitar Center on the way home. I had only done the most minimal amount of research beforehand: basically I looked at the Digitech and Ditto loopers but decided I’d probably go with the Boss because: 1. I already own a few Boss pedals 2. the others don’t take batteries and 3. I didn’t know how much I was gonna like it, so it didn’t seem like I should spend more.

The guys at Guitar Center didn’t do a whole lot to dissuade me. They did show me the Digitech JML2 JamMan but it seemed huge (not to mention it’s $250). They also showed me the little Ditto, which looked very cool and appealed to my minimalist sensibilities. But again, no battery–which kind of ruins the minimalist thing. Also, I was starting to like the sound of some of the Boss’s features. Let’s talk about them more in depth after the jump!


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