My New Setup

I’d always wanted a Telecaster. Back in the 80s they were too expensive, which is why I ended up with the Mustang. So when I started playing guitar again, I decided I needed a Telecaster. But since I didn’t know if I’d stick with it, I got a cheap one. I got this Austin knockoff at Leading Tone in Seattle for $150, which included a full setup.

Fender had just come out with this amp when I was looking. I really have no idea how you could find a better amp, or a better anything, for $100. When I went to get one at American Music, they told me that they couldn’t keep them in stock.

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Here’s what I like about the Austin Tele: the price, the weight (around 7 pounds), the feel of the neck. What I don’t like: non-Tele headstock, rosewood fretboard looks weird on a Tele IMO, and the toploader bridgeplate. Oh, and the neck pickup sounds pretty muddy.

Love the Mustang amp. I haven’t quite figured out the Fuse software yet, but you can get pretty cool sounds just playing with the stock setting. Or plug in your pedals. Or use the aux jack and use Garage Band.