Fender Factory Tour in Corona, California

Back in January I linked to some very cool pics from the PRS factory in Stevensville, Maryland. So how about some pics from the Fender factory tour in Corona, California? These were shot on an iPhone by Strat Talk member gerryl98 and posted over on Strat Talk. From the post:

…we toured the metal shop where we [saw] them punch out the pickguards, control plates, and amp housings, the area where they CNC the bodies and neck, the area where they skunk stripe the necks, press the frets, trim the fret ends, contour sanding and finish sanding, pickup and pots soldering, and the custom shop!!

From what I remember the inspection is done by employees that are guitar players and then goes to final inspector before it gets sent out. They said they produce about 500 American Fender guitars a day and about another 15 in Jacksons, Charvels and EVH. What’s interesting is that the tour guide said each guitar takes a total of about 8 hours labor but about 2 weeks to complete because of wait times. I think he said drying after painting was several days…might have been 10.

See more pics after the jump and you can get more info on the tour at Fender.com


Fender-factory-1 Fender-factory-2 Fender-factory-3 Fender-factory-4 Fender-factory-5 Fender-factory-6 Fender-factory-7 Fender-factory-8 Fender-factory-9 Fender-factory-10 Fender-factory-11