Falls Rock Shop Blue Burst Custom Strat

Fender makes some awesome affordable instruments, but if you want to go custom with them, the things can get expensive quickly! Luckily, there are a ton of options out there, and many may be more affordable than you think. Like this custom Strat from the guys at Fall Rock Shop. Prices for their custom guitars start around $500. This Blue Burst Strat was about $900, but has a top of the line Wilkenson tremolo bridge, $150 worth of pickups and a flame maple neck. Check out the specs and another pic after the jump!


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Top Ten Reasons I Play Guitar

This week Adam from Falls Rock Shop in Ohio e-mailed to say some nice things about Guitar Idiot and asked me to write a guest blog for their site and talk about my “guitar learning journey.” You may have clicked the About link on this site and read why I started Guitar Idiot. But while I was writing the blog for Adam, I thought: why do I play guitar? What makes me keep at it? Well, here are my top ten reasons.

But first, one huge caveat: I’m well aware that one of the best things about playing guitar is playing with others. I loved my very short stint playing in a band when I was younger. But because of my tinnitus I need to keep the volume way down. So I pretty much play alone. Anyway, this is my top ten as of today. I may update the list later.

Read my full list after the jump!


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